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ovulation sickness

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Anyone else feel like they're getting the flu when they ovulate? Right now, I've got a decent headache and feel nauseous. Every month it is the same. For a few months, I thought I was getting the flu until I realized that it was happening every month when I ovulate. It's been going on for about a year. I'm 42 if that matters. What is the cause?



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I have menstrual migraines. Started having them at 35. When I ovulate, I have horrible nausea, headache, sensitivity to light and sound. The sensitivity to light and sound is what tips the balance to being a migraine.I take prescription meds for the nausea and migraine. Hope you find something that gives you some relief.


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I don't feel flu-ish, but I do have severe pain. It's miserable. :(


This. I have more pain with ovulation than when I actually start my period which is also not a cake walk. I also get really bloated and get bad headaches.


I had that, but much worse. Vomiting, severe stomach pain, the works that lasted for at least 10 days. Doc put me on continual birth control and I am a new woman.


I'm considering the Mirena for this reason.

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