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  1. Has her thyroid been tested? When my thyroid went crazy,my main symptom was hair loss. Both of my sons are underweight,low percentile for weight,but tall with high percentile for height. I think it's the nature of parenting to worry.
  2. Thank you for the information about alternative medicines. I will be checking into those. I have inflammation around my right carotid artery from Hashimoto's. I take 2 benadryl and either aleve or ibuprofen nightly. The aleve and ibuprofen are starting to bother my stomach. So sorry that you have been so sick. Round after round of antibiotics is not good for you. It gave my husband c difficille and he almost died. Please be careful. Glad that you are on the mend.
  3. I'm sorry that you are allergic to pain meds too. I've never had morphine or a derivative.I'm scared to try them.Hope your kidney stones are better now. My Dr won't give me Toradol,said he'd have to admit to the hospital for it. I have chronic back pain from a car accident when I was 17....I've built up a pain tolerance.I used to take Darvocet,then they took it off the market, I was so mad. I did want to tell you that most people are allergic to one type of codeine,not all. Most people can take hydro or oxy codone. Also,most people can take the derivatives without any problems.I'm one of the lucky ones who's allergic to all forms. It's hereditary through the female line in my family, along with menstrual migraines.
  4. Yes,I am severely allergic to hydro and oxy codone....so any form, similarity,synthetic or derivative of codeine. I go into anaphalactic shock. The dextromethorphan acts the same in the body as codeine. I can't take Robitussin,Nyquil....any of those things. I can only take plain Mucinex,Benadryl,Zyrtex, and Allegra because of my Hashimoto's and because they all have some form of something similar to codeine in them. It also means I can't take the "good" pain medications. I can only take Tramadol,which is my opinion is worthless,might as well take two Tylenol. Plain saline nasal spray helps with allergies.I've heard a neti pot can help too but I haven't tried it yet.
  5. I have hashimoto's, so I understand how frustrating it is. My Dr has told me to take plain Mucinex, Zyrtec or Allegra....nothing with a D after the name. I lived off of Sudafed for 20 years...sigh I miss it. Also, a saline spray can help with the nasal congestion. I don't know about the dextromethorphan from a thyroid standpoint,but I can't take it because it's in the same class as codeine and I'll die if I take it. Hope you feel better soon. Kim
  6. All Ye Lands was very interesting. I like it so much that I kept it for my 8 yr old to use! I was always interested in Biblioplan,but turned off because of the price. It does look very thorough. Let me know how it goes! As for printing versus blended, you do have to stay on top of printing regularly. One year when I did a lot of printing, I bought tabs similar to Sonlight's and printed everything and put it behind each weeks tab. That helped a lot.
  7. We used All Ye Lands in 6th grade. I found it to be challenging at the time. I do feel that they are more high school level than middle school level. We are now using Light to the Nations for 10th grade and it has been a good fit for my son. You can download a sample to try it out. I have never used Biblioplan,so I can't help you there. Kim
  8. I use a Bialetti also. If she wants cappuccino buy a Bialetti Mukka,you put the milk in the top and as the coffee perks up it froths and mixes with the milk. My teenager is addicted to it. I bought my Mukka at TJ Maxx or Marshall's for about $30. For daily use, I use the regular Bialetti and froth my milk by shaking it in a container and then microwaving it.We have a $1,000 espresso machine and we haven't used it in years. We like the way espresso tastes with the Bialetti better than the pods the machine uses.
  9. It's worked well for us. It keeps us on track. I've always felt constricted using pre made lesson plans,so this gives us some structure without the constriction.
  10. I've used RC History. We seem to be always on the cycle year that isn't ready yet! We're currently using Classically Catholic Memory I use the memory work as an outline of what to study for history etc. We really like FoF,Land of Our Lady. I'll look into Story of Our Nation,since we are doing US History next year. I was planning to make worksheets for OWGTN and FoF,but I never did. We just read the end of chapter questions and discuss them.
  11. Wow! You found it for free, I spent a small fortune on mine. I'm not using it yet. We're using Founders of Freedom,Land of Our Lady. Old World's Gifts to the New is used in RC History.
  12. If you haven't tossed it yet I'd love tohave the rest of the materials. We still have and use our vcr! Kim
  13. My son used the Didache book in co-op last year as an 8th grader. The book has excellent content but the vocabulary was very hard for him. Have you looked at Seton's new Bible History for 6th and 7th grades? Kim
  14. I have Hashimoto's and am on Armour. It took me about 2-3 weeks to feel better. It's a "natural" medication made from dessicated porcine thyroid.Your Dr should order more blood work in 6-8 weeks. He/she might raise your dosage if you need it. It isn't like taking Tylenol for a headache, it's not one size fits all. With that said, after a year on Armour I feel fabulous. I'm "me" again. My energy is back, my hair has stopped falling out, and I'm not falling asleep before the kids! Do you have any specific questions? Kim
  15. My upcoming 2nd grade boy will be doing this. Religion - 1st Communion catechism, Religion 2 FYC, Blue Knights (at co-op) Math- Ray's Arthimetic LA- FLL,copywork, finishing phonics Science- Catholic Schoolhouse ( at co-op) Art- Catholic Schoolhouse (at co-op) History- RC History Ancients ( very lightly, as he's interested) Nature Study- Patterns of Nature by Rod & Staff,lot's of time outside as he is all BOY
  16. I would make sure that the x-ray is sent to the pediatrician. If it turns out that the x-ray showed fluid, I would find another pulmonisist asap and make a formal complaint about this one. I had pneumonia. In my case I had a resistant to antibiotic sinus infection, that turned into bronchitis, that turned into pneumonia. My Dr insisted that I only had bronichitis. The next day I saw another Dr,who had me x-rayed and I had double lung pneumonia. I was coughing for about a week before I was diagnosed. Hope your little one gets better asap. Hugs, Kim
  17. Me- no allergies DH- severely lactose intolerant, lactaid doesn't help,pork intolerant, since surviving c.difficille he can't have fried/greasy/spicy food or red meat more than once a week. yes,we eat a lot of chicken. Monkey kids- mildly lactose intolerant,lactaid helps. no food dyes, artificial preservatives or sweeteners and no soda- due to adhd- these items trigger severe hyperactiveness, the won't sleep for 3 days and destory the house kind. They are all lucky I love them! I cook from scratch to accomodate them.
  18. We love LTN. We are using LTN 2 this year. The teacher's manual adds a lot. We also like the workbook. My son has adhd and dyslexia, so he doesn't care for history, but he likes these books.
  19. I would think that means they are the original owners. When I looked up the house we bought, it showed the last sale, but not the original sale. We found out that the house was built by the original owner. We're the 3rd owner. On the county gis site, you can look at the tax bill, it would list any major improvements to the home, additions etc. Let us know how it goes tomorrow! Kim
  20. You can look up the house on gis for your county (google it), it will give you the tax information, square footage, when it last sold etc. I'm also in NC. After what we've been through with our old house I'd make sure to check for leaks in the basement, how old the hvac is, if the basement/foundation is secure/not cracked ( our basement has brick columns we leaned on one and it fell over). Based on the age of the house most likely there is hardwood floors under the carpet, but they might need refinishing. You can paint over wallpaper if it's tight to the walls. I'd also check the windows, are they replacements, do they have storm windows etc. Check the windowsills for rot and mold. Look for bubbling wallpaper on the exterior walls ( signs of water leakage). Good luck! Old house are great but they have their problems too. If you make an offer, make sure you have a good home inspection done. Kim
  21. That's the med I started out on, it helped my TSH level, but I still felt terrible. I also try generics first, they are much less expensive. You could just need an increase in dosage. Sadly, I've found out that auto-immune disease meds aren't like taking otc pain meds...one size does not fit all. It's trial and error which is frustrating especially when you already feel bad. Kim
  22. If you feel bad, it's likely you need an increase in dosage. Or you could need to change meds. I switched to Armour,but still feel crappy.
  23. Can I get a PM as well? I have Hashimoto's and am having problems with being exhausted and mental fog. It's very hard to homeschool like this. My Dr just doubled my medication. Thanks, Kim
  24. Evergreen State Sue, I think you did the right thing. I had this exact situation happen a few weeks ago with my 14 yr old ( AHDH w/ anxiety). He also chose to not take his meds the day before co-op. He had to stay up late, do his co-op work,get up early to finish it, then apologize to his teachers for it not being up to standard. It was very humbling for him. He is also very smart and has high academic standards and hopes for the future. He knows he has to do good work now,to have a chance at his dream in a few years. It can be so hard to know what is the right thing to say or do with any child especially when you are homeschooling. Especially wtih teenagers!! Hugs All the best, Kim
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