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How would you interpret this?

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Ok, here is the situation:


My neighbor down the street always watches our dogs when we go out of town. We pay her. Well, typically it has been her teen daughter watching our dogs, but since the daughter went away to college this year, the mom is doing it.


The mom told us before we left that she could not watch the dogs Friday night of the 9th or Saturday morning of the 10th as we had originally stated because she was heading out of town.


That was fine, we just decided to cut our vacation short a day and drive home Friday (tomorrow.) even though the condo is paid for by the week and we can stay until Saturday.


Yesterday her mother died. I emailed her immediately to give condolences and ask if we needed to try to find someone else to mind the dogs for the last day or two.


She emailed back and said, "We are fine, G (husband) is taking care of the dogs. And by the way, we aren't going away this weekend."


Does her response mean they can watch the dogs Saturday too? Why would she bother mentioning it if not? But I am worried that if I ask that will sound rude.


Would you send another email asking about it?





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Yes, I'd email back with even more condolences, many MANY thanks about the dogs, and then (after much ado) "In this time of trouble, I understand why you've cancelled your weekend plans. Since you will be at home, I'm wondering if you might be able to do the dog-care thing for Fri/Sat if we were to stay away those days. Of course, you don't need any extra burdens. I'll completely understand if you say you're not able to do any more than you've already agreed to." (More polite, tactful suff and thanks, etc.)

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Thank you.


I finally just emailed her and told her we had planned to come back Friday so no pressure, but if they were available to watch the dogs until Saturday am we would come back Saturday.


She said Saturday is fine.


Yeah! We have battled the flu this Disney trip and we have one more day on our park passes so an extra day is perfect.



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