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I need great reading material.

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I'm going to be in hospital next week for an operation (to repair a bit of damage from Lauchie's birth - nothing serious) and I'm taking my tablet with me. I will also be on bedrest for a bit and restricted from doing much of anything for 6 weeks (Vacation! Yay!). Now, while I understand I will likely want to play Bubble Shoot or Mahjong I like to think I'd use the time to read some great articles. Only hitch is I have to have them saved before I go in as the hospital does not offer wifi.


I've been reading an excellent article on Jesuit education that I saw here. It's 33 pages of meaty reading and is exactly the kind of thing I'd like to read. Education is a great topic as well as essays or articles on teaching various subjects. Science and history topics are great too. Religion is fine. Oh gosh, if it's an essay on the breeding habits of woodchucks after a lightning storm I'll take it as long as it's long and well written.


I guess I want big, substantial pieces, the kind that magazines don't produce anymore. Geeky stuff to get lost in. PDF's are preferred but I'll take any suggestion.


So...Have any suggestions or favourites?

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Smithsonian Magazine has an archive of past articles:



Other magazines with decent articles, most of them have archives (some chosen for depth, some for breadth and some for intellectual fun):





















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