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Help me again with Persimmons...

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Mine were rather hard a week ago, then got soft spots. Today I decided to make them into a persimmon cake (according to allrecipes.com). I peeled them and chopped them up and processed them into a mashed substance like mashed potatoes.

They still suck all the moisture out of my mouth and not in a good way...:glare:

Tell me this will be gone when I bake the mash with sugar, baking powder etc.


Mine were the orange persimmons. Just mentioning this because from my googling, I found that there are evidently a variety of persimmons.

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I know exactly what you are talking about. I believe, and I think this website agrees with me, that the type you have are best to bake with while the other type are better to eat fresh. Make the cake and let us know how it turns out! :)


Yup those are exactly like mine. I may just bake it and see what happens.

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My dad grows the hachyas and my uncle grows the fuyus. We eat a lot of persimmons around here. The hachya does have to be extremely ripe (not just soft, but really really squishy) or they will be very astringent. Another thing that's good to do with them is dry them. You can dry them whole, but you do have to do it before they get mushy. You peel them, keep the stem on and wrap a string around the stem and hang them in a dry place for several weeks. (They look like Christmas ornaments hanging there). They'll get a white sugar coating when they're done and you can slice them dry. It's a really pretty fruit because there's a star shape on the inside and they're very tasty dried.

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