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What is one healthy (to you) recipe that your family enjoys regularly?

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Dh and I are going to try to lose some weight together and I need some new ideas for meals, snacks, etc. The hardest part is getting dh to eat a breakfast AND healthy at lunch, but thankfully he works at a hospital where there are plenty of good choices. If he eats little all day at work, though, he will come home and totally PIG OUT! LOL


So I want to fill him--all of us--up on something nutritious and need to have a plan or we will fall back into old habits. I need new habits!


Thanks if you can offer a recipe. Nothing extremely spicy or "different" if possible! lol

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Yesterday I made a massive pot of veggie soup. Let's see if I can remember what is in there. (I plan on eating from it for several more days.)





green beans




green peas

lima beans

****ake mushrooms




salt and pepper

bay leaf


If you are a omnivore you could add beef or pork.


Tonight I'm roasting asparagus, fresh pineapple (rubbed with EVOO) and acorn squash. I'm not sure what else. Probably green salad. Maybe some mushrooms. Definitely more soup for me.


Oh, we are vegetarian.

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My dh loves broccoli salad....raisins/red onions/bacon/cheese (Paula Deen's recipe..but I only use 1/2 cup mayo and two TB sugar...more vinegar)


Redneck Caviar: Cilantro, black beans, black eyed peas, shoepeg corn, cumin, olive oil, vinegar (red wine) onions...dip with Fritos...YUM! You can also use whole wheat chips but not as good, I limit myself to 8 Scoop Fritos and that is a meal.


Lima Bean Crockpot soup (potatoes, carrots, lima beans, buttr beans, chicken stock, bacon, marjoram, butter, onions)


Parmesan topped chicken breasts...flatten chicken breasts a bit, rinse/dry and rub olive oil and salt/pepper on it...then place them on a broiler pan side by side...make a mixture of 1/2 package cream cheese 1/2 cup mayo and 1 cup parmesan...spread this mixture over the top of the chicken...then sprinkle panko bread crumbs over the top, bake at 375 about 20 minutes...great low carb recipe.

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My husband eats this. It's easy and simple, and good for his weight loss.


I cook some chicken (skinless and boneless) with hot sauce. I then add the cooked chicken to spinach. I also through in some tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, sliced peppers. I make a HUGE salad bowl. He then adds some hot sauce instead of salad dressing.


(I am vegetarian so I can't tell you what it tastes like. But he is willing to eat it, and it's good for him. He can also eat a lot of it so he fills up on it.

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