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Twitter is picking up a newspaper filled with people you don't know for the most part.


Facebook is sitting to the table with your friends and family, occasionally peeking at a magazine.


Twitter has it's own language and spelling habits which will drive you insane at first, Facebook has spellcheck.

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Twitter is a lot more status-update driven. No annoying games, and you have to click links to see pictures. And you can be anonymous. You CAN connect with real life friends and family if they are also on it, but you can also just use it to follow random people and celebrities. And you can set up your Twitter account to be anonymous, if you'd like.


Facebook has spellcheck.


Really? No one on my friends list seems to know this. :glare:

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The kid has a "school" twitter account - it's amazing how many folks will respond on it, social status or fame so to speak...doesn't really get in the way much.


It's good for simple questions or compliments, but really amazing for research purposes, specialist/current events.


Facebook is not so globally dense as twitter in my experience.


If I hear of a news event that's unfolding, I go to Twitter and comb through hash tags or trending news- I don't even use the TV at all.


Twitter affords a lot of news all at once on one "page" - Facebook, unless you have categories set up..is much more difficult. News makers tend to have more accounts on Twitter than they do Facebook.


Facebook allows way more space to get a point across, Twitter is about two sentences long per post, unless one embeds fancy links to the full story.


Twitter is also more fraught to deceptively market than Facebook, it's a pain in the neck to clean up those that "follow" you if your ID is wide open with no filters, that can be more than a little annoying. There seems to be much more "eww" on Twitter if you don't watch it carefully.


There's definitely skills to each to develop, I think there's room for both.

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