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Do you consider the Disney Princesses to be something controversial?

Do you find the Disney Princesses to be controversial/ a bad influence?  

  1. 1. Do you find the Disney Princesses to be controversial/ a bad influence?

    • Yes, they are a bad influence, and we don't allow them here
    • Some of them are worse than others, so we limit exposure
    • I don't find them to be controversial at all

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Disney princesses don't bother me. I see them as a phase a lot of little girls go through and then get over. I neither encourage or discourage it.


My DD likes them a little. She has only just started watching a few of the movies as they were too long to hold her interest before. Her favourite is Rapunzel because she has uber long hair which my DD does not have and would like too :D


I'm not worried too much about the marketing - if I really don't like it I just don't buy it. No big deal. DD wanted a Rapunzel and Little Mermaid doll for this Christmas so I got them for her. She doesn't treat them any different from her other dolls -she dresses them up and brushes their hair and feeds them bottles :lol:


I detest the Spiderman and Batman marketing to young boys more - I think they are way more innapropriate since they are based on adult movies. My boys are asking for Spiderman stuff when they don't even know who he is.


The rule in my house is -if you want to buy a branded thing then you have to know who they are and what they do :D Since my kids don't watch anything much outside the tolddler preschool shows I have managed to steer clear of the "offensive" for now.

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I always wanted to avoid Disney princess mania. I wasn't completely against them, I'd just seen obsessed princess everything girls and didn't want to go there. I actually wanted to avoid most licensed stuff. And I planned on waiting to introduce most Disney movies til I felt she was more mature.


But she goes to my MIL's every other Friday and has sleepovers once every month or two. MIL and SIL started showing her all the movies and getting her hooked without my knowledge. And they seriously encourage it, not just passive acceptance. They get her tons of princess junk. So I now have the Disney princess obsessed 4yo with the suitcase, dolls, shoes, costumes, dresses, shirts, pj's, books (Disney books are horrible!!), fashion toys, games...


It bugs me, but it's not something I'm going to put my foot down on and take away. She also sees the movies waaay too often. Sadly even from me. I had a really rough pregnancy and to get through she watched a full length movie (at least) nearly every day and I stopped trying to dictate which ones. That one I have since put my foot down on. I think she's only seen one princess movie since DD2 was born (11 weeks).

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