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Lial's Algebra editions

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Do you want Beginning Alg. or Introductory Alg.? They aren't the same. Introductory Alg. has lots of editions, and you can find the right solutions manual on Amazon or ebay by matching publication dates and covers. Sometimes you can find someone selling them together, too.


ETA: My Introductory Algebra student text is ISBN 0-321-27921-2, and the solutions manual is 0-321-28580-8, both 8th edition.

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Lial has 2 very similar series published by Pearson.


One (hardback) has 'Beginning Algebra' for their Algebra 1 text.


The other (the paperback one I prefer) has 'Introductory Algebra' for Algebra 1.


Both call their Algebra 2 'Intermediate Algebra'.


VERY little difference between editions- just enough that in a classroom everyone has to have same edition--but SAME teaching is there. VERY SOLID-- lots of gentle, detailed step-by-step examples.


The font size in the paperback series is larger and easier to read. There are also practice problems in the margins to work as you read through the lesson-- read an example, work a practice problem or two-- if you get it then move to next example-- if not you re-read the example and try more practice problems before moving on.


Lial's texts were specifically designed with independent learners in mind. They were developed for community college use-- but the Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 texts are HIGH SCHOOL-- nothing college about them (except for them being college prep!).


I've been using the 8th edition paperback for several years... great texts!

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