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what to use after Horizon Pre-Algebra? Algebra 1?

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Dd is finishing Horizon Pre-Algebra. Both of us really like this program and would like to continue using it. But, at present, Horizon does not go beyond Algebra 1.


I'm torn with where to go from here. If we use Horizon Algebra 1 and they do not have other texts in the sequence, what would we use for Algebra 2, geometry, and pre-calculas?


If we do not use Horizons 1 due to the above mentioned concerns, where do we go for Algebra 1? Saxon?

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Horizons Algebra 1 is pretty solid. You could use it one more year and feel good about switching to a different publisher after that without worrying about having any gaps.


It's not uncommon to use different publishers year year once you get to the high school level. And there are quite a few different choices out there. Saxon has a solid program, as does teaching textbooks (thru precalc). You might look at the Math without Borders site - they use the Foerster texts (Chakerian for Geometry) which are very good. Again.... lots of choices - if you search this forum you should see lots of posts comparing different math programs.

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My concern is lining up scope and sequences. Saxon incorporates geometry into their algebra program, so anything after pre-algebra must stay in sequence. I don't think I could easily switch from Horizons 1 to Saxon 2.


I don't know about Horizons to TT. I do know TT, like so many other curriculum houses has their own unique plan.


I've looked at Forresters before, but I keep hearing it can be difficult to teach.


For Geometry, I could always do a Jacobs. But, that still leaves me wondering what to use for Algebra 2 and above.


My budget is tighter than it has ever been. I can't really afford to make a curriculum mistake.

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The only things that I'd feel really uncomfortable switching to after Horizons or CLE algebra 1 would be something like Saxon with math integrated or something like Videotext with a totally different scope and sequence.


You really want to choose before the algebra/geometry sequence whether you're going integrated or not, but other than that you really can move around quite a bit. You just don't want to move huge steps on the difficulty level (such as going tt algebra 1 to aops algebra 2) as many students find jumps like that excessively challenging. But both of these are pretty middle-of-the-road algebra programs. 


If you don't want to teach, there's Derek Owens, Jann in TX, Tabletclass, Teaching Textbooks, and video instruction such as Chalkdust, Math Without Borders (video instruction for Foerster since you mentioned it), and probably more that aren't at the top of my head right now. If those are a bit too high priced and you're looking for a book, a used college intermediate algebra textbook such as Lial, Larson, Martin-Gay, or any other author, or Math:A Fresh Approach should all be reasonable. 

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From this post in another thread, it looks as though HollyDay went with Teaching Textbooks for at least one of her children.  By quoting her here, she may see this thread and chime in.



I'm not sure which direction to go at the moment.  Dd will finish TT Algebra 2 soon.  We will need to do something for Fall 2015.  Oldest dd used Lial's Pre-Calculus and I still have all the resource materials for that.  I also have been given Saxon Adv. Math (and all the resources).  So.....I'm not sure I want to buy TT Pre-Calculus current, non automatic grading.  If I'm using non-autograding.....then I'm thinking I might as well use one of the 2 programs I already have.  Dd took the Saxon placement test and scored 100%.  She has already done TT Algebra 1 and Geometry. 


Anyone have any thoughts to share???




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