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Any East Coast Hivers with a headache?

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I am not east coast. Western Carolina Mountains-

but, yes, I have a terrible headache and it is storm/weather related.


In fact, it just went to "almost migraine" status.






Ds in Asheville says it's a monsoon there--is it really bad? Are you near there? My mil lives in Murphy but I haven't heard from her today.

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The storms are headed my way and I've had a headache since last night. I have been sensitive to weather, but this is the worst in a long time. Anyone else?


not yet, but I'm anticipating it. Actually, I can feel a little twinge last night in,but it was minor and I was too tired to get up and get meds. The last time we had big storms roll through I had that terrible 2day headache. It awful... :grouphug: I hope you find relief.

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