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Cute 7yo boy comments...

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My son was saying that he wished there was homeschool college. He wants to be a doctor (he has diabetes) and he's appalled he will be in college for so long. I explained to him that when he's that old it won't be the same, he'll be ready to move away, want to, and he won't need us the same way but he'll still love us. He said - "that's just mean!!" and started crying.


My husband and I said we'll comfort ourselves with that when he's in college and doesn't call home often!!

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That is really sweet!


My dd7 told me she's not going to go to college. She's going to stay home and do the internet. I'm afraid that means Mom spends too much time on the computer, LOL!


Dd8 says, "Mom, I know you'll miss me when I am a horse farmer, but I have to do what I have to do." :D Although lately she's decided that she will get married when she's 18 and live in an apartment (I told her most people who are 18 don't have enough money for a house). :lol: (I don't have a problem with her getting married at 18 if that's where she finds herself, I just think it's funny that she has it all planned out at the age of 8.)

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One of my dear little boys was about 4yo and said, "I'm not going to grow up and get married and leave. I'm going to build a house next to this one and get married and you and my wife and me are going to play toys!"


Awww, and they grow up...

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