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Teen boy birthday gift idea?

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my daughter is basicly courting a 15 yr old boy. his birthday is coming up in the next month and she has no idea what to give him! he basicly has everything lol! the gift he got her for her birthday a few months back was VERY nice and sweet, but she has not a clue what to get him. we live in a small town, so going somewhere or doing something is pretty much out, theres nothing exciting. they have been going out for quite while and were friends first...


any ideas??? :) thanks so much!

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What's he into, what are his interests? Is there some nugget we can work from to personalize a suggestion?


What about making him a nice dinner? A basket of baked goods with a thoughtful note/poem/picture of them together?


I have a nephew this age who loves when his girl friends cook or bake for him LOL. He's a typical boy who would love apple gift cards, video games, a good book, etc. but from someone he cares about he'd love something personal that could only come from her. His daddy was the same way, way back when :)

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