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question about crockpot freezer cooking, please help!

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I just made up two bags of beef stew, with potatoes, veggies, beef, etc. I always cook this with a can of dark beer (stout). Can I pour that into the bag before freezing? Or do I need to wait until I make it to add it? (I'm worried the beer will be gone when it is time to make the stew).


Also...going to make up some chicken/peppers/tomatoes/onions/garlic, that normally I cook with a can of black beans and a bag of yellow rice. Can I put the beans and/or rice in there before freezing? Or again, should I wait until cooking?


Thanks! I really want to get this done today, before I end up in labor!

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I've seen beer freeze as soon as you pop the lid so it's no longer under pressure so I don't think that's an issue.


The potatoes are going to be a problem; they don't freeze well at all. They thaw out all grainy and gross. I always add the taters after pulling from the freezer.

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