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How does R&S teach writing? Is it included in English?


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Yes, it is briefly taught in grades 2 and 3 at the end of the year in separate composition lessons.


It starts to pick up in 4 and is interspersed in the entire year. My dds writing really began to improve with the very detailed, step by step instructions in the 4th grade book. The 5th grade book we are in now has even more writing lessons, and I am sure it just continues to increase. I am very happy with the instruction, though I was slightly worried the first time I went through the 2nd and 3rd grade books because there wasn't much. But we were doing WTM style anyway: copywork, narration, dictation, and pen pal letters. So I stuck with it.

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I use R&S English only for the grammar part.

I use other programs for writing because I want my kids writing every day, and R&S just doesn't have enough writing according to my preference. FYI-- I have only used up to grade 4.


I think that the R&S English writing instructions are pretty good, though I think other programs teach writing better. If you want to use R&S as your main writing instruction, I would advise you to give extra writing assignments in order to solidfy the skills.

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