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How long does it take your high schooler to finish a lesson of T.T. Algebra?

Jennifer WI

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Hey all,


My nephew is using TT Algebra this year (he is quite behind on his math and my sis and I are attempting to catch him up...he's a junior). It took him a long time to get his lesson done today and I'm just wondering if this is normal. How long does YOUR student take to finish a lesson, generally.


Thanks so much!

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Well, it depends on the child. Ds and I are using TTAlg2. We watch the lecture together stopping to do any problems.


Then, we work/ watch the practice problems. I must say however that right now there is no new material so we are working out the problems and then ff through the material to the answer.


For the problem set we both do the problems and then only watch the problems where we have different answers.


This takes us 30-45 minutes. If we didn't watch the lectures, if ds just read the material, or if we didn't do the practice problems or problem set together, then maybe ds could finish faster. If the material was more difficult for ds, maybe later in the year, it may take longer.




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Did you give him the placement test first to make sure he was placed correctly? That would be the only thing I'd worry about. His facts might be slow or his mind is wandering. My my dd can sit and do it, but for a while there I had to sit there the ENTIRE TIME and keep bringing her back. Her mind would wander and she'd go over and check her email, surf, etc.


We've been doing the pre-algebra btw. When she started, it was torturously slow, partly because her facts were slow and partly because her mind was wandering. Now she blows through lessons pretty quickly. So this boy will probably speed up soon too. :)

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