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  1. Well, I'm guessing there's an issue with the download. We have the little icon, but when I click to go into it, I just get a bunch of scrolling text saying it has an exception, then it tries that 10 times and ends with a fatal error message. I have no idea what to do.
  2. So I was reading a night or two ago and found some info on these boards about Minecraft Homeschool. I thought it was neat, and decided to give it a go. Well, we bought two accounts for our sons, only to have no luck at all getting it on the computer. The one account went through...by this I mean he got his screen name and it said it was accepted after we put the number on our card in. But that's as far as we get. I don't know how to get ON THE GAME itself. We continue getting some sort of error message. I am feeling really bummed, as 50 dollars is down the tubes if this doesn't work. :cry, literally: Can anyone help me? Or any of your brilliant children who know about computers? It says Unrecognized Windows Socket error. Also Fatal bootstrap error, whatever that means. ::sigh:: Please help if you have any ideas for me!
  3. Do they need to be the same level or can I have a higher level reader with a lower level of CTGE?
  4. My ds always loved Apologia Elementary, but is losing his love of science time with Apologia. The experiments he enjoys, but the reading gets tedious. He is 12, in 7th grade, if that matters. Any ideas that are not too expensive to finish the year? Or maybe I'll have him finish this one but not have him move on to Physical. But I have no idea what anyone uses for upper level sciences (with Christian worldview) besides Apologia. Help! Thanks!
  5. One of the best for me is Apples and Pears for my dyslexic son. A great purchase!
  6. We have a little mess to clean up here as well. :closedeyes: But I really like what's happening right now with Singapore. I've been rushing him a bit, which hasn't made math very pleasant. I am going to plan on starting NEM or DM freshman year. Then I can relax his math schedule a little and let him breath. If he gets ahead and starts it sooner, great! But I'm going to be done being so worried about it. Thanks everyone.
  7. Thanks for this. I was in fact joking a little about actually being doomed. BUT, I have been stressed about his math. I love your reply. It settled me just reading it. Our plan/hopes for our kids right now include going to a Bible college for a year of Biblical study, then doing whatever they want. If they want to continue there to earn a degree they can. Or they can go to technical college, or go to a different college. I know it's not extremely difficult to get into this college, and I know it's a small campus where the studen professor ratio is very good, so if they need help it really is there. I officially don't know why I've been worrying so much about this. After today's terrible events in Connecticut, I think I will try very hard to relax, enjoy my children and go give my son a hug. Thanks again everyone.
  8. What did your other daughter do? I know a lot of the mainstream programs that are out there, and none of them excite me a whole lot. Since Singapore has been going well I figured we'd just continue. But he isn't mathy, so I don't want him breaking down either! I know I have time, but I can't help but think about what to do. As well as SM is going for him right now, I'd say he may be able to do both levels 5 and 6 in 2013.
  9. Oh, he doesn't do the LOF books in between. I figured it would be in addition to. In other words, 7th grade he'd do 5A, 5B, at the same time LOF. 8th grade would be 6A, 6B, at the same time LOF Pre-Algebra. We love LOF, and while he is doing fine with it, I don't think he'd do as fine if he didn't have the other curriculum backing him up.
  10. Ds is 12 right now and behind where we should be in math. He's doing Primary mathematics now, going to start 5A very soon, and is also half way through LOF Decimals. If I take his 7th and 8th grade years (we change grades in January, so he'll be starting 5A at the beginning of his 7th grade year) to do Singapore 5A, 5B, 6A, 6B, and the LOF books Decimals, Physics, and the two pre-Algebra books, would he be ok to start DM freshman year? Does that make him "behind?" I've read about most doing the first in DM by 7th grade. Are we doomed? =P I can just hear the dodo birds from the first Ice Age movie chanting, "Doom on YOU! Doom on You!" Thanks! P.S. I'll probably have him continue with LOF Algebra if it works for him, but I don't know if there would be enough practice by itself. He is not a mathy kid.
  11. I am really, really liking A&P. I think it will/is helping him. He has severe spelling issues, and I think it's building his confidence. There is a lot of repetition, but the way it's set up I don't think it feels* like too much. He never complains about it. Even if he did I'd still make him do it, because I think it's really good. The variety of activities that enforce, the gray boxes that draw his mind to the different sounds (morphemes), the spelling tests with sentence dictation using those words...all these things are helping him I believe. I've regretted plenty of purchases in my time, but not this.
  12. So I was looking at CE today and just wondering your experiences as well as which edition I should purchase. There's the original and the two part updated version. Thanks!
  13. I'd like to know the answer, too. I've never tested. Not required to. But sometimes I think I may test my oldest to see where he is on such a test.
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