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Another marriage proposal gone wrong!

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Here is a word of warning about the Great Lakes. Proceed with the same caution as you would the ocean. These things are HUGE inland seas, not your typical lake. Yes, close to the beach, they make for fantastic swimming (well, okay NOT Lake Superior which is practically like the artic ocean most of the year :D), but they can become quite dangerous as they have very strong undercurrents. You don't want to end up all the way out in a shipping lane though, I have to say that if merchant vessels see you and can avoid running you over, they are very, very good about fishing you out of the water and calling the Coast Guard.


I have to wonder just how far the boy rowed out there. Lake Huron is VERY low right now and you can walk a LONG ways on the sandbar which makes me think they went out way too far from shore.


Poor, poor couple! I would imagine that the romance got completely sucked out of that experience. I wonder if she said yes?



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