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  1. Someone PM me. too! I've been here for over a decade, but I still get lost when someone changes their name or avatar. Sorry for what's happened to you. OP.
  2. What the Witch Left by Ruth Chew? "Katy looked closer and saw that the walnuts had little doors in them that shut with tiny hinges. One shell had four little doors cut into it. They swung open to show a bride and groom standing under an arch. The doors folded down like platforms and on each stood a wedding guest, holding out his arms. The little figures were made of wire and cloth and sprinkled with gold and silver glitter. Katy looked at walnut wedding for a long time."
  3. Your library might have an app. I am able to look at hundreds of magazines online through mine. It's a massive time killer, but it's fun. So much cheaper than subscribing.
  4. My nativity set. My godparents made it for us as a wedding gift. My godfather passed away recently, so it will be a little bittersweet to put it out this year.
  5. Well done, Rivka! Thanks everyone for posting links.
  6. I've seen them recently at university book stores and campus gift shops.
  7. My parents still have my Stuff Yer Face game. I think they got it for my birthday the year it came out. My kids play it when they visit.
  8. Math Mammoth Spelling You See Writing & Rhetoric
  9. Score for Beast Academy: 5 Score for Math Mammoth: 10 Score for Math U See: 0 Score for Mathematical Reasoning: 10 Score for Miquon: 5 Score for RightStart: 8 Score for Saxon: 11 Score for Shiller: 0 Score for Singapore: 10 Score for Teaching Textbooks: 7 We use Math Mammoth and Beast Academy. I hated Saxon. Some questions weren't as straight-forward to answer. I think manipulatives and hands-on styles are very helpful, but I have have one child who refuses to use them, and she is excellent at math. My other child uses them as much as she can. I answered neither/nor for those questions.
  10. Zaner Bloser has a free version available on their site where you can print a page or so at a time.
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