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Ha! Found a mistake. . .thanks to homeschooling!

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So, part of my recovery program is watching Bones. All 6 seasons.


Here I am, Season 5, Episode 5 - about a mummy they find.


One of the scientists says, "I'd be cranky too, if they pulled out my brains through my nose and stuffed them in a canopic jar."


HA! They DIDN'T stick them in a canopic jar! They threw the brains away!



VICTORY!!!!! :D KING OF THE LAB!!! (Bones joke. Sorry)

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MY dh and I notice things like that all of the time.


Lately we've been watching a program called "Prison Break" on DVD. The main character is supposed to be a mechanical engineer who is trying to break out of prison. My dh is an engineer. So he's constantly pointing out inconsistencies and plain old errors in the script.

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