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My youngest 2 just left

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with gramma, poppa and uncle to go on their Disneyland vacation!


They have to be up at 4 am to go to the airport so they will spend the night at gramma's tonight and then first thing tomorrow morning they fly out.


They have been gone only 5 minutes and already I miss them. I don't get like this with the bigs, but my youngest has never been away from me for a long stint (we still bedshare for pete's sake) and she is not even 5 yet. But she is gone for a week now to have a trip of a lifetime with uncle and aunty.

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The first time my dds ever stayed away from me they were 3. We were going on a cruise w/ dh's family (parent's 50th anniv) and my brother and his wife picked them and ds up. I called starting at 9 pm that night to say goodnight. 2 hours, no answer. I finally got my sil at 11 pm. She said "Oh, they aren't here. Your brother took them out coon hunting!" :svengo: One of them was afraid of the dark and loud noises. Apparently she had a blast though! :lol:

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