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Residential book exchange? Help me find this

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A few months ago I heard about a program that someone in my hometown was participating in. (I don't know who told me or who was participating.) It sounded so cool - there was some kind of box that participants had outside their front door full of books and you could take one or leave one... or something like that.


What could this be? I've googled all kinds of words but can't come up with anything.


Does anyone know?


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Little Free Library? (Kind of like a large birdhouse on a waist-high pole, with a door that opens and people can take a book or leave a book.)


Five have been erected in our area so I've 'adopted' a few since I'm decluttering books this summer.


That's the one! I even found the woman that I know that has this at her house. So cool! I might have to do this.


Thanks again!

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