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Well, That's Done

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Went to the new house yesterday. All paint has been picked.


The kitchen is a colour called 'Candlelight'. It's white w/enough yellow to be noticable, give it a bright feel, yet not the "HOLY CARP THAT'S YELLOW!" spork your eyes out kinda thing.


Livingroom blends into the diningroom, so we ended up sticking w/the same colours in both rooms. It's a light, kinda pearly cream w/a grey (2 shades from the cream on the card) for accent. the wall that will be grey extends right into the diningroom, which is why I basically went, 'screw it!' and kept them the same colour. I thought there was more of a division, visually, from the first time I went, and nope, so not.


Mstr Bedroom, decided to try and use our bedset, that we love, as a base, so trying to pick up a green from it...so it'll be a green called 'Autumn Mist'. Not sure even how to describe that colour...almost if you took mint and sage and mixed them together? I know, that sounds horrid, but the colour is actually nice, and will pick up the stripe from the bed set. I hope.


boys both got the same shade of blue.


Princess got a purply pinky colour called Lyrical Inspiration. Origianally we were looking at another, just way too dark for the room once we were there.


Diva's getting a purply blue colour.


Bathroom is a shade of grey, almost white. Realized they have a row of black patterned tile running through it all, so that influenced our choice.


2 other shades of cream and white for hallways and ceilings, and all done.


Hiring someone to come scrub everything down this wk, so that as soon as the paint arrives, Wolf can get started.

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Sounds very tasteful to me. It must be so exciting, if a bit nerve wracking, to be having a whole house decorated just for you. I'd be counting the hours to the move date :001_smile:.

It is kinda freaky. We have so much to do before the move, it's nuts. Not only the usual move carp, but I also have to go out of town to see my pain specialist in the middle of everything.

Sounds pretty! It is great you are hiring someone to get it clean for you.

No real choice. It's either hire someone, or Wolf tackles it after work. I can't scrub it from top to bottom, my good arm gives out too quickly to be effective at all.

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I'm really hoping that it turns out ok.


Since we don't have any lr furniture, or even a colour scheme in mind, trying to figure out something that would work w/anything...and yet not be boring builder beige was a challenge for me.


There were loads of colours I *liked*, that would work well for that kind of area...but not when you don't even have furniture at least picked out! :lol:

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The colors that you chose sound great. You should have little trouble finding furniture and accents that will work. My master bathroom is in a green similar to what you described. It was a horrible dark green smeared mess (sponge paint that went wrong from previous owners), but the new sage/mint color works well.


I'm glad it is done, and at least you don't have to worry about that. :grouphug:

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