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Can you feel your thyroid?

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Well, I can't comment on how healthy YOUR thyroid is but I know that I can feel mine like you described and every time I go to the doctor he checks it in the general course of things and has never commented that he thinks it's a problem. So, I'm going to guess that yours, like mine, is probably fine. Or, I need a new doctor. :001_smile:

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I think doctors really worry when the sides are different sizes. Mine are. I have been checked and tested. Most of it was done in my early 20's. They were just starting to do the multiple blood tests then. So I had some awful stuff done. Since then I have a blood draw occasionally and my synthroid adjusted if needed. Try not to push on it too much -- I managed to make mine swollen and sore, which just upset me more. Mine is really hard for me to feel now with the medicine. But I try to never push on it.


I would talk to your doctor about a blood draw. Synthroid is one of the most comman drugs taken by women. I can 't remember the statistics but it is comman like 50% at some point in life. I feel much better when my dosage is right. It affects a lot of things -- my hair started turning white massively in my early 40's. After I had things adjusted it stopped and has pretty much reversed itself -- the thyroid affects all sorts of things.


I really do not mean to scare you because I doubt there is anything wrong. A blood test is really easy and will help you and your sister to stop worrying. :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:

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