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Fun (and almost free) activity/scavenger hunt!

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This looks like a lot of fun, for summer and fall! Basically, it is a scavenger hunt in the woods/wild places in/near your town.


Here's how it works:


Go to AtlasQuest, and type in your town

It will come up with the locations of various points in the hunt, and whether they are active or not. You can click on one for a map to the location, comments, hints, etc.


You will be looking for a bag or box with a stamp and notepad inside. Bring your own stamp, ink pad, and notebook. Stamp your notebook with their stamp, and their notebook with your stamp.


You can go on the website and leave comments/tracking as to where you have been.


I looked this morning, and there are a ton around here! I'm thinking this might be a fun way to get out into nature/random parts of town every week.

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