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What do you do for Health?


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I was looking for some good book(s) to address puberty, etc with my dc and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the ones I bought covered health/body care quite well. Lots of info on everything from deodorant, washing your self, hair care, nail care, exercise, etc.


My dd11 devoured both I bought for her last year and I would guess has them memorized.








This year, I figured my ds-then almost 9 also needed some boy info, so I bought








Be aware that each varies in what kind of s*xual info is included. None are too explicit for me, but some are more cryptic than others. One (maybe both?) of the boys ones includes some info on conception and mast$#$^, etc that I felt squeamish about, but I guess that's why I needed to buy the books, as I feel too shy to say all that stuff. My ds also devoured the books. The amazon reviews have lots of good feedback and I of course also pre-read them before handing them over to my kids.

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In the past, I have used Abeka - very texty/workbooky. I like the look of AOP's HealthQuest - the workbook not the cdrom.


I honestly thought about a formal health program this year. But, I find myself teaching it more than I thought.


For example:

bike safety

fire drills

fire prevention

infection control: handwashing, etc

food safety

basic hygiene - including manicures!

good nutrition and wise food choices

etc, etc, etc

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I picked up an Abeka health book at a curriculum sale. We are reading it through the summer. That covers it formally. Informally, we are doing it in 'real life'. We take our vitamins and talk about why, they eat protein & veggies and know why. They exercise, spend time in the sun, wash their hands before eating/cooking, take showers (somewhat) regularly (they are in the pool almost daily!) And so on.

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