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All ready to do WriteShop, but came across EIW

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I have been looking through my WS materials and do think it is good. The problem is that it looks teacher intensive and I want to spend my time with the kids on literature, history, Bible, and other character building discussions. I came across Essentials in Writing this morning and it is SO tempting to me. It would even get grammar done with the littles.


Would it really free up some time? Can they do it fairly independently? Or, should I stick to our current plan with WS for my oldest?

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I hate to say it (because I certainly try to ration teacher time :) ), but writing is just a teacher intensive subject. This is especially true as they get older.


Write Shop was great for us - we only did the first year though. It doesn't have to be as teacher-intensive as it looks. We thought some of the activities were dull, and just skipped them. But as far as teaching kids to write (and teaching you to critique if you need to learn) it's good....


However, almost the same methods are used in IEW, and while expensive, that program can last you all the way through the end of high school. I wish I had bit the bullet and started it sooner - but we're just starting this year.

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I think OP is asking about EIW Essentials in Writing, which is $40 per grade, not IEW, Institute for Excellence in Writing.


EIW is tempting me as well. I have a 9th and 10th grader that are behind in writing. Can't decide if I should do EIW or continue with WWS 1 and 2. OR perhaps both?? They really need a lot of practice. We must spend a lot of time on writing for the next 3-4 years.


I was thinking about having them do WWS straight through and then using EIW as needed. For example, when they are assigned a paper in their history curriculum, watch those lessons in EIW. Does anyone know if this will work?


I love WWS and they have learned so much from that. There is such depth to that program, it's hard to explain, but it has greatly improved the quality of their writing and their ability to write on their own.


But, WWS doesn't address research papers and persuasive writing, which they desparately need. EIW would cover this.


Oh there is not enough time to do everything that they need!! I have 6 kids, and am teaching one to read this year. Sometimes I feel like my brain is going to explode having to teach to so many different levels! Did I mention that I have a 17 month old too? Help!!

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I found WriteShop very teacher-intensive -- or maybe I should say that I *made* it that way because that was what ds1 needed. I couldn't imagine it not being that way, given all the components of it and the need for regular feedback -- but again, that could be because I structured it that way.

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I've not used WS, though I've heard great things about it. We have used EIW grades 4 , 6, 7, and this year I'm using grade 2 for my youngest. EIW wasn't challenging enough for my oldest but it did help my middle dd get more comfortable with writing before both dd's started IEW (excellence in writing) this year.


EIW is great for kids that are just starting writing and for those reluctant ones. It does a fair job of hand holding and guides you step by step through the basic process. The lesson videos are short following an assignment..... We always paired WWE/WWS with EIW to make it meatier, so it is doable. But still, I certainly agree that teaching writing will be teacher intensive one way or another.


I do not have experience with upper grades of EIW, so it very well may be meaty enough for 8th & up..... As well as independent.

My two oldest kids used EIW independently, but I still was there to clarify, edit, and help revise.


I have seen a lot of great things from my two girls with using Excellence in Writing so far. I feel confident that we can stay with them through high school.

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I also have a 10th grader that is behind in writing. I keep eyeing EIW. I like that it offers video based instruction. I showed samples of EIW and IEW to my hubby and he preferred IEW. We recently purchased IEW Windows to the World, but I'm lacking the confidence to teach it. My hubby plans to take the lead, but this is new territory for both of us. The IEW TWSS is not an option as it's just too expensive for our budget). Writing is the one subject that I find most difficult to teach and assess.


EIW may be in our future. I've only heard good reviews and the price is right. Best wishes on finding the right fit for you and your child.

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