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Adventures in Odyssey

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Which are your children's favorites?


Ds13 has asked that I get some with our school books this year. In my effort to say yes to more things, especially simple innocent things like that I agreed. He specifically requested the one called Hidden treasures. They listened to them at camp (and we used to get them from the library) and that is his favorite one.


I would like to pick out 1-2 more to add to the cart, so which titles of the series are your kids favorites?

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We haven't listened for a long time but we like #43-Along for the Ride and #46-A Date with Dad.


My ds's don't like the newer ones; they think the new Whit sounds too much like Bernard.


Thanks ladies, off to check those out

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My son is an avid Odyssey listener!


He recommends: I Slap Floor (yes, I spelled that right!;)), The Novacom Saga, Do or Diet and The Great Wishy Woz.


He is also a huge fan of any episodes featuring Wootten Bassett and Harlow Doyle, Private Eye.:D


My absolute favorite is Madge and Guy.

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I also like I Slap Floor!


We bought Novacom a couple of years ago and it sure made that 24 hour road trip go better. It's a bit darker than some other AIO series, so probably for older kids.


Our first AIO's were those on the eight red disks in the CD visor pack. Based on mysteries or something like that. It was a nice introduction to AIO. Since it's an older set sometimes we see it on sale for $14 or so.


Date with Dad is also good.


And they have a set of historical ones where the kids bump into Nathan Hale, visit the Underground Railroad, etc.


Actually, can't think of any I don't like!

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Bumping up this old thread....  There's a great sale going on here: http://www.hoerrs.com/shop/kids_place/kids_books/books_with_media/?&limit=24  They have a dozen albums 50% off and free shipping with $89 purchase, I think.


These shows have helped us stay awake for more cross-country drives than I care to remember!  Kids and adults alike love them.

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