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Plans for kid who wants to be independent?

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DD seems to enjoy working more on her own and less with me, and has done well this summer-but this summer she's been mostly working through Mathletics and Key to Algebra on her own, plus reading stacks of books. I'm trying to figure out how to set up our more typical school routine and materials such that she can get the independence she says she wants, while still getting everything done. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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For DD11, I try to pick materials that don't have a teachers manual - all the instruction is written to the student. She is not interested in my teaching her stuff beyond quick explanations. We do projects together where she needs an extra set of hands, but certainly no sit-down lectures. :D


Most years, we use a planner. On Sunday evening, I write her assignments for the week in the planner and gather up supplies she will need. She checks off each subject as she finishes.

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My 6 yr old & I hold three monthly(ish) meetings where we plan out what she wants to do over the next period. It's then my job to both source the required materials and hold her to some semblance of her original master plan. Maybe something similar would work for you? Perhaps more frequently, even weekly. So that you become more of a sounding board/guide than a teacher.

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