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  1. Trouble breathing? Is she in the ER now? I hope so!
  2. Given a lot of parents of mathy kids worry about gaps & the advice here is often to not worry... http://mathwithbaddrawings.com/2015/04/08/the-math-ceiling-wheres-your-cognitive-breaking-point/ (I neither agree nor disagree btw, I'm just curious what people think of the blog post)
  3. Whilst I don't really agree about hormones, I think this is quite insightful and that you might be on to something. I can empathise with your husband. I struggle with words, at least verbally. I can write a killer paper when I need to but I've never once gotten a job from an interview unless I was already a shoo in & I certainly cannot sell things. Verbal communication is really not a strength for me, whereas it is for my husband and I admit I am guilty of saying okay/sure/whatever and walking away when I know I am right but the argument is too difficult. I also tend to nod & smile a lot when people talk at me about things I disagree with.
  4. I think that this is one of the most insightful comments in this thread. Well said.
  5. dmmetler had some excellent advice for the OP. I just popped in to agree with this: We started BA3 when DD was 6.5 & not a strong reader (due to undiagnosed tracking issues). Taking turns to read the comic dialogue and having her read the questions aloud before attempting them was fabulous reading practice and at the time pretty much the only thing I could get her to read apart from Harry Potter.
  6. Well I'm not in the US and I have seen the same thing all my life. My better educated, usually higher income earning friends and acquaintances are the ones who choose second hand. Those people I know who buy new all the time, new clothes each season (for adults, as opposed to growing munchkins), the flashiest new car they can etc are all less educated and usually also earn less.
  7. I love Snape so much. I'm a sucker for the tortured soul. I do think Alan Rickman is well cast. I've never liked him much in anything else, but Snape he carries off well. DD is halfway through book 7 & I'm desperate for her to finish so we can watch the final movies (then rewatch them all in a marathon ;) ).
  8. I've seen Life of Fred pre-A recommended as a pre-pre-A. Maybe it would make a nice change for him?
  9. Yes, DH took a friend from Tibet to the Three Sisters (major Blue Mountains tourist attraction). There are (to me) terrifying stairs down the cliff to the valley. DH's friend was down and up in half an hour and asking where to next.
  10. We see lyrebirds frequently along the less busy bushwalks in Blackheath, but they are easiest to spot around mating time :)
  11. Come to the Blue Mountains then :) So much nature, great bush walks, from strenous to wheel chair friendly :)
  12. This happened to me at 17 & 9 months. I had finished high school and started university. My parents did give me an allowance to live off, they just insisted that I leave home and be completely responsible for myself other than the small amount of $ they put in my account each month. There was no arguement or other circumstance; my father had left home (of his own accord) straight after high school and felt that it had been a wonderful experience for him. They did not tell me they were planning this until I had finished high school and been accepted into university. My unversity was a 40 minute walk from the house he and my stepmother lived in, there was no reason for me to live on campus and I certainly couldn't afford the dorms with the allowance they gave me so I had to rent a room in a share house. I tried to join the local library and wasn't allowed as I couldn't sign the membership form for myself being a minor. Within a week I had an ear infection and despite being able to go to the doctor, I wasn't able to sign for my medication at the pharmacy. When I contracted glandular fever a couple of months later, my parents provided no nursing or other assistance but instead told me they would cease paying my allowance if I withdrew from subject I clearly couldn't meet the study requirements of whilst being so sick.
  13. Yes, you should say something. If he treated your son so badly, he is likely to cause issues with other special needs children.
  14. Heartily agree (said as the mother of a five year old who isn't averse to a bit of kicking & biting action himself when frustrated).
  15. Thank you. Yes, so true. Especially the bolded. The title of this thread makes me uncomfortable in way that has already been hashed out upthread. However, if we are talking about this kind of group work in schools - then I'll just go get my ranty pants on :cursing:
  16. Sounds positive. Let us know how the meeting goes.
  17. I always read my reports (always unsealed) as a kid, but to be honest I would have been glad not to a couple of years.
  18. Oh for goodness sake...now I need a ham sandwich!
  19. At our school they are a fundraiser. Photos are taken by the older students (K-10 school), so 100% of the money goes back to the school.
  20. Yes, this is the gist of it. She saw a fraction lesson on the board of a class two years ahead of her & told me; "Mama, they are still doing easy fractions". Sigh. Yes, our original plan was to keep her stimulated afterschool since she really wants to be there for many reasons. However, she is finding the boredom much more of a drag than she expected. Term starts tomorrow & she plans to talk to the teacher herself. I plan to send an email that the teacher will receive tomorrow evening requesting a conference early next week. That way I will be able to discuss the teacher's response (or not) to DD's self advocacy.
  21. I'm not sure why you would think that? No, this school is Waldorf to the core. Hence my use of the word dogmatic. It's immaterial though, not the point of the thread.
  22. DD 8 chose to stop home schooling and go to a Waldorf school 3 months ago (half way through the school year for us). As I expected, 12 weeks later she is bored beyond belief and asking me to investigate other schools she might try. We knew beforehand that this is one of the most dogmatic and inflexible schools in the region, so we didn't bother asking for any gifted accommodations when she started. However, since I'm now looking at other schools & planning to ask them about their programs for/attitude to gifted learners etc, it occurs to me that since I know she'd rather stay at this school if she wasn't so bored - I should really speak up before we pull her out. I'm just struggling to bite the bullet and do it because I [think] I know their answers will not be helpful. Encouraging words please?
  23. I think it is more like decoupage Kiwik. Modge Podge is a kind of glue over there.
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