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  1. It looks somewhat like this here. Can explain things about gravity and black holes that I don't understand, likes to discuss existentialism, has no trouble working out the difference between two consecutive square numbers but needs a parent present to go to sleep & still ends up in our bed most nights.
  2. DD 7 dances 3-4 afternoons a week, ballet and jazz. Jazz is new to her this (calendar) year & she loves it, she has her first exam in seven days. Ballet is her passion though. She's been dancing since 2.5 (in pre-ballet obviously) & has proclaimed her desire to dance ballet professionally constantly since then. She did her first Summer programme in January (obviously we are in the Southern hemisphere ;) ) & came out begging to dance full time. There are programmes here & there around the country from 13/14ish but obviously nothing at her young age. She is currently doing the most she possibly can at her studio. Next year we will have to change studios in order to a) meet her immediate need for MORE ballet and b) meet her longer term goals of getting into a full time pre-professional programme as soon as she can. I'm not looking forward to that. She has built a solid relationship with her current teacher.
  3. Violin too? From your description of her day, you really do have a clone of my daughter. Scary. Meanwhile, said daughter had a meltdown today because I wouldn't accept her position that 30 is an odd number because there are three tens. I had her divide it by two and by five and she accepted that both answers were even but passionately maintained "But you're not CARING about the tens!!!" as though they would be upset if I failed to recognise there were three of them. I can only imagine how well that would have gone down in a typical classroom.
  4. :lol: oh yes, my six year old has been angling for one of those for a long time!
  5. I'm somewhat concerned by a librarian who can't spell tsunami.
  6. DD not quite 6, striding into the research section of the museum "Do you have any Invertebrates I can look at?". Since it was a quiet day she scored her own private research assistant in the form of a junior staff member bored of fielding phone calls from members of the public wanting to donate spider specimens.
  7. :lol: After an extremely fun Summer day at the pool yesterday DD 5.5 said before bed; "But I haven't done any school yet!".
  8. DD 5's exciting anecdote from the rare books section of the state library we visited on holidays; "Did you know we got to look at an ancient Lepidoptera book and we had to wear white gloves to turn the pages?" It was nice that the geekiness of our friends meant DD's zoological vocabulary got no more than a raised eyebrow and a smirk. The response would have been different with other folks we know.
  9. Bwahahaha! That really did have me laughing out loud :lol:
  10. DD 4 to a waitress who pretended to be scared of a toy shark she had. "But it's a whale shark! Don't you know they only eat plankton?!"
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