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Intention Tremors

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Does anyone know anything about these? My mom (an OT) gave some suggestions, but....


I'm worried.


Both boys have this. The one is incapable of write, drawing, coloring almost at all. The other is much more capable, but it is SO much work for him. He is just so much further along and detailed than he could ever get his hands to do (whether writing, drawing, etc).


Just wondering if anyone found anything that helped or what direction you went if they really can't get it (not that we aren't going to keep trying as they are so young).

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My mother has essential tremors. Not sure what the difference is. She's 68 years old though.....


Yup. My husband's tremors are diagnosed as essential tremors. The neurologist called them intention tremors and essential tremors in the same visit. He prescribed primidone and that has helped a lot.

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