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  1. Before I start off, my child who just turned 7 is my 7th child. I have homeschooled all of my children and have been homeschooling for 16 years now. This is not my first rodeo. :P However, I have never had such a HARD TIME schooling any of my kids. My son is such a busy body and just won't focus. When I sit with him to do school, he acts "dumb". I don't mean that in a negative way about him. He just acts like he has no idea what the answer is to something we have gone over and over again and I KNOW HE KNOWS. It's the most painful and dreading task schooling him. It breaks my heart because I feel like I am constantly frustrated with him. He can't read. He has NO INTEREST. He can do math fairly decent. I tried to start all over with him and just do some simple Explode the Code books with him (he loves them), but we never get around to reading because I am just DONE and frustrated from him always pretending he has no idea what to do or what I am saying. I have tried rewards, but he loses the possibility of an award immediately. I am also schooling 2 other busy little boys with him, so I feel like a clown juggling balls for HOURS. Again, I have never been so frustrated. I have lost my joy! Any suggestions? Sorry to ramble.....
  2. If you're not anxious to send your child off to a university right away, or want to do dual credit at HOME, then I highly recommend !!!!!! My 17 year old son has 21 credit hours now from using this program and is fixing to Clep out of two more classes before we start our summer break. I was so hesitant not knowing if this will work, but I'm soooooooo glad we chose this!

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    I need these for Classical Conversations Challenge A if anyone has them for sale. The blue/purple/white books.... Thanks!


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