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  1. Before I start off, my child who just turned 7 is my 7th child. I have homeschooled all of my children and have been homeschooling for 16 years now. This is not my first rodeo. :P However, I have never had such a HARD TIME schooling any of my kids. My son is such a busy body and just won't focus. When I sit with him to do school, he acts "dumb". I don't mean that in a negative way about him. He just acts like he has no idea what the answer is to something we have gone over and over again and I KNOW HE KNOWS. It's the most painful and dreading task schooling him. It breaks my heart because I feel like I am constantly frustrated with him. He can't read. He has NO INTEREST. He can do math fairly decent. I tried to start all over with him and just do some simple Explode the Code books with him (he loves them), but we never get around to reading because I am just DONE and frustrated from him always pretending he has no idea what to do or what I am saying. I have tried rewards, but he loses the possibility of an award immediately. I am also schooling 2 other busy little boys with him, so I feel like a clown juggling balls for HOURS. Again, I have never been so frustrated. I have lost my joy! Any suggestions? Sorry to ramble.....
  2. If you're not anxious to send your child off to a university right away, or want to do dual credit at HOME, then I highly recommend www.dualcreditathome.com !!!!!! My 17 year old son has 21 credit hours now from using this program and is fixing to Clep out of two more classes before we start our summer break. I was so hesitant not knowing if this will work, but I'm soooooooo glad we chose this!
  3. Do your teens have cell phones? We have one 'family phone'. It's a old flip cell phone. My oldest is 17. We are 'thinking' about getting him a cell for Christmas. We are super duper cautious internet freaks........very conservative about all electronic usage. I worry about the possible cons of cell phones. Is there good ways to control what they can view? I'd love any suggestions .....
  4. Do any of your kids make these? My kids have learned how to make them and LOVE them. My 15 year old wants to make them as gifts. I'm wondering where the best place is to buy the cord and clips?
  5. She's such a hard worker! She can bake, clean, craft....... What are some ideas you have come up with for your daughters to make extra money? I've even thought of her having her own little bake sale at the end of the driveway on Saturday mornings. :)
  6. The reason is because my mother is the actual one giving the trip. While I agree it would be a blast to wait until then, she's about to pop! Plus it's SOOOO hard to research anything on Disney with teens in the house looking over our shoulders now and then.
  7. They are ages 17-4. 6 boys and 1 girl. Want to reveal in 2 weeks, but we are going dec 12. Thanks for any suggestions!
  8. He is young..... Would have graduated at 17. So he wants another year to play basketball. Which we are fine with since he IS young and his passion is to be a police officer. I don't have peace about dual credit yet, so I am holding off until the spring for that. So now that he is technically going to be a junior again, I'm confused on what to give him for the next 2 years when he has very little left to take...... This is what he's done so far 9th English Ancient History Bible Biology Algebra 1 Band Health 10th English Algebra 2 World history Spanish 1 Chemistry Band Basketball 11th (this past year) English/Literature Geometry American History Spanish 2 Physics Basketball Guitar How do I spread out the next 2 years? I want him to take dual credit English at the community college starting in the spring..... My thoughts for starting off this semester would be Pre-cal, Gov't, ???????? Help?????
  9. Looking for a new history. Son was loving abeka video, but that's not a good investment since we can't use it for other kids coming behind him. Is this structured well for him to work on his own? Would love any feedback on this!
  10. The reason I asked is because we have been a bit abeka video dependent for some subjects. This year we are trying to stay away from video$..... However my kids LOVE abeka history!!!!!! So I'm worried they will lose their love for history if I switch it up. On the other hand, I want to be a better steward of our resources since we can't keep it for the next child.
  11. What are you using and why did you pick it? What do you like about it? I'm having a hard time deciding on History. Son did Abeka vids last year and did geography last year. Need to decide on History..... I have everything else planned. ;)
  12. I'll make it short and too the point. I have several kids.....hands are full. My 9th grader took Abeka Biology DVD this year. I never ever checked a paper....or followed up on him for Biology. Sure enough, he never took any tests or quizzes. What would you do? Make him take it again? Make him just take the quizzes and tests and see how he does? He still has the book he can read but DVD's have to be back in 2 weeks...... If I do make him take it over again, does he lose a year of science? Or do I make it take it with ANOTHER science? I feel so overwhelmed with guilt for not following up. I need to decide what to do.... Thanks!
  13. A friend of mine is a missionary in Poland and they were here stateside last year. She left a lot of her books with me to have or give away for her. There are a lot of ancient history books. I know she uses Winter Promise. The one thing I don't have for my 10th grader, is history. So I'm wondering if I should use all of these books she gave me. The last 2 years, we have done ABEKA video for history, but we are not doing that again last year. He did love it, but we can't afford that at this time. Was looking at Notgrass, but I have all of these free books already......... So I really would love feedback on Winter Promise. Thanks so much!
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