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A Mystery....

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My kids are really in to mysteries and solving them. I wanted to get them a game or computer game (or both) that has mysteries for them to solve. It would need to be something that would not be too scary or difficult for their ages (almost 7, almost 5, and 3). I would help them with the games if they needed some help.


Does anyone have suggestions for mysteries or problem solving?


They daily want me to make up mysteries and my creativity just can't keep up with them right now. Suggestions????

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Clue jr. although the 7 yo might prefer regular clue. The game Guess Who is fun and can be played by all ages. We got it when my dc were the ages of your two oldest, and they still get it out (they are teens). Have them play hide and seek w/ an object, taking turns hiding it while the other two look for it. I don't know if Blues Clues is still around, but maybe there is a computer game w/ BC's?

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