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  1. Time Left: 5 days and 2 hours

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  4. Aurelia.....can you tell me a little more about your experience with Acellus? Are the videos interesting? What do assignments look like each day? On average, how many lessons to a unit? I have watched samples and looked over what's included, but would love to hear more from someone actually using it. And why the bolded part? Is there something specific that stands out that makes you say this? Thanks so much!
  5. Since you are with an umbrella school you are not required to submit an evaluation at the end of this year. However, you will want some kind of paperwork showing that you were in fact schooling for your child's 8th grade year. I would probably meet with the umbrella school and close out the year as you always have.
  6. Personally, I would wait until the summer is over. When you submit your letter of intent, that will become the date when your evaluations are due every year. So if you homeschool on the same schedule that public school does, start in August and end in May/June, then your evaluations would be due in the middle of your year every year. As for mailing in your intent, that is fine. However, I would recommend getting signature confirmation so you have proof it was received. I actually take our yearly evaluations into the county every year. I have 2 copies, 1 for their records and 1 for mine. I have them stamp and sign both. This way I have record that they were turned in just in case they misplace something. They actually misplaced my daughter's 5th grade-10th grade years. Thankfully, I had all my paperwork so I never ran into any issues.
  7. Sorry, no advice here. I suffer from sinus infections as well, usually twice a year. The only thing that ever seems to get rid of them is a round of antibiotics. In fact, I'm taking one now to get rid of the sinus infection I've been battling for a few weeks now. I'll be following your post to see if you get any helpful information. I'd love another option than antibiotics.
  8. The Mosdos website is up and running and I was even able to add something to my cart when I tried. Mosdos Press
  9. I can't get to a specific page that links all of them. I just googled "glencoe grammar and language workbook grade 6 pdf" and came up with this. grade 6 I believe. Part 1, whatever that means. Here's grade 8. another link in case that one stops working grade 9 (also a part 1) grade 10 grade 12 Sorry, ran out of time and couldn't find grade 11. I need to get ready for work. Maybe someone else will have better luck.
  10. Bumping as I am interested in the responses that you get.
  11. Thank you Kim! I was originally looking at WriteShop on Rainbow Resource and they did not have this information. I came to the boards before I went to your site. (which is not usually like me to ask a question before fully researching, but I was REALLY tired that day. :blushing: ) I was able to get to your site today and find what I was looking for and then never made it back here to update my post. I also just joined your group on Facebook. Thanks for the add and thank you again for your reply here!
  12. I am looking into WriteShop for next year. I see that there is now a new edition for WriteShop 1 & 2. Has anyone used both and if so,which edition would you choose and why? Any other thoughts or helpful tidbits would be appreciated as well. :001_smile:
  13. For elementary, I have liked both. We are currently using R&S 5th and 6th grade. So far, it is going well. We previously used BJU 4th grade and really enjoyed it. I liked the student activities manual that came with BJU. It was a nice addition. R&S is a lot cheaper than BJU though.
  14. Thank you again to all who posted in response to my question and to those that asked additional questions. So much good information here. I have a lot more to research now.
  15. Thank you ladies! I will look into all of the suggestions.
  16. I am looking for a really good probiotic for myself and the kids (12 and 20). Any recommendations? Thanks!!
  17. I'm looking into this one.......365 Days to Knowing God - Guys
  18. Thank you all for your replies 😊
  19. This. This is why I would rather take more time going through the book rather than doing two pages each day. I don't know why I never trust my gut and need reassurance from others, but thank you. 😊 we will take our time.
  20. Thanks mamakelly, but I already own EGP and have looked through it. (I have the older version) I do think he can do it. Honestly it only covers a couple of things in each section that the sixth grade book does not. If we find those topics too difficult, we will skip those pages.
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