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Finished JAG with my 7yo - what next?

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I'm going to second the Latin recommendation. We recently had a houseguest who works in publishing and has a Master's in Classics (so knows a lot of Latin and Greek), and I mentioned how much Button likes the puzzle-like aspect of Latin, but it is his younger brother who loves the sound of words. Button is the analysis guy in our house.


Our guest said that when he started upper-level Latin at university, he was told that linguistic skill would be of no use, it was all logic and analysis. And he found that this advice was spot-on. So perhaps Latin would not only provide a good grammar-rich venue for your child, but an elegant solution to the foreign language requirements (if ancient languages are allowed).


We ourselves are slowly working through Getting Started With Latin (it is not my top priority, I confess). We do the lessons orally -- some reading, but no writing -- and do each lesson twice, first Latin to English then English to Latin. It is all memorization and puzzle-solving. I have sat language-aptitude exams and the Latin is a whole 'nother thing: no auditory recognition, no oral pattern-matching, no reproduction of foreign phonemes. Just thinking thinking thinking.


that said, you surely know your child best and you may be exactly correct that Latin would not be constructive in your situation.

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Hmmm... Latin wasn't really on my radar (although I suppose I should go take a look before dismissing it out of hand). It's just that ds's language issues are such that we think that we might need to seek an exemption from foreign language requirements. We'll see how things go with the interventions that we are doing, but for the time being, I was going to focus on English language materials.


There are so many fabulous resources for mathy, STEM-oriented kiddos. I have no idea what's out there for a language-y kid.


I guess I'm still fuzzy on his language processing issues, because I agree with Doodler about the vowel sounds being solid before starting, but with his reading and spelling level, I would assume that is the case. I can see the vocabulary of Latin being tough with word retrieval issues, but really Latin is mostly translation and applied grammar in translation, so it is different from other foreign languages in that there is no need to retrieve words quickly for conversational purposes. Obviously, you know him best, but if he is really that into grammar, you might consider it more (not one of the vocabulary-based curriculums though).


And :lol: about the STEM thing, I feel like that is the case for language-lovers! It must all depend on your background.


Wm and Mary Language Arts is another one I might look into with a kid like this. I've heard good things about it from friends, but I haven't checked it out personally.

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