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  1. 5th grader: Math: Math in Focus Course A, Singapore CWP grade 6, Redbird Mathematics Logic: Art of Argument Literature: Mosdos Press Pearl; various novels and non-fiction texts Grammar: CW Homer (just the Imitation and Analysis exercises) Writing: WWS 1; various essay assignments Spelling: Spelling Workout F History: OUP The World in Ancient Times (and other supporting texts and documentaries) Science: CPO Life Science (lots of documentaries, experiments happen at a twice-a-week class) Other: marital arts, swimming, programming, stop-mo, hikes, etc.
  2. My son started out with a book called Super Scratch Programming Adventures. He was able to go through the whole thing independently and now he's trying to design his own games. I highly recommend that book. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. From our last trip to the library, ds finished The Thief Lord (Funke), The Thickety: The Whispering Trees (White), and Gabriel Finley and the Raven's Riddle (Hagen). He's been rereading Ender's Game and Red Dragon Codex, but recently he has dropped everything to read The Count of Monte Cristo. He's really into it.
  4. There are some really fabulous plans in this thread. I'm following along to see if there is anything I should investigate for ds's 5th grade year. So far this is the plan: Math: Math in Focus Course 1, EPGY/Redbird Mathematics, some Zaccaros and CWP Writing and Grammar: WWS 1 as our main text, however I will be omitting certain exercises so that we can get through the grammar and copia lessons in CWP Homer. Lit: Mosdos Press Pearl; novels from a variety of genres from my lit list, and self-selected IR. We'll start studying some literary analysis in earnest this year. He knows many elements of plot, different types of character and conflict, and certain types of figurative language. This year we'll go into a bit more depth and start writing simple analyses. Logic: Ds will finish Art of Argument and then do The Basics of Critical Thinking. I don't anticipate these texts taking him very long, so after he finishes both of those, we'll do Traditional Logic. History: I have both The Human Odyssey and OUP's The World in Ancient Times, and I'm undecided about which to use. Ds has already read much of HO just for fun, but without any discussion and study. I may use that text for him to practice outlining and study skills. Knowing ds, he will probably consume the OUP books just because they are lying around. We will also be reading Black Ships Before Troy, The Wandering of Odysseus, The Golden Fleece, Julius Caesar (The Young Reader's Shakespeare) as well as excerpts from the actual play, and a few others. Science: I have CPO's Life Science to use as a spine. He'll also read nonfiction trade books. I have several ideas, but would love suggestions. He will have biology-themed activities twice a week. Foreign Language: This is the real kicker, as ds wants to study Japanese, but I am hoping that he and his sister will study the same language, and she wants to learn French. What I really need is a program for each child to study a foreign language relatively independently. Hmmm... Other: martial arts, swimming, piano, programming, stop-mo, tinkering.
  5. Our clear winners were: * Junior Analytical Grammar. Dd also started JAG Mechanics and will finish that in the beginning of third. * The Paragraph Book series. She finished Book 1 and 2. We'll do Book 3 in the beginning of third grade, but then I'll need to find something else for writing since I want to wait to use Book 4 (or perhaps use something else entirely). * Beast Academy
  6. Thanks for all the ideas shared in this thread! Here's what we are doing in the fall: Math: Math in Focus, grade 4 Writing: The Paragraph Book 3, other short writing assignments Literature: Mosdos Press (Ruby), self-selected books, some assigned novels (she's an avid reader) Spelling: AAS 4 and 5 Grammar: Winston Basic History: Story of the World 1, lots of supplemental material Science: I'm still looking for a good basic text for life science. I have tons and tons of supplemental resources, but no strong contenders to use as a spine. I might use Pandia Press, as I already own it, but I'd love to hear suggestions for a strong reader. Other: martial arts, sewing, art class, dance or gymnastics, possibly piano lessons
  7. My dd will be going into 3rd grade. She's a strong reader, so next year we will focus on: Writing (The Paragraph Book 3 and Killgallon; several short writing assignments throughout the year; one longer report) Literature (self-selected books, some assigned novels, and Mosdos Press) Spelling (currently AAS 4) Grammar, punctuation, usage (she has finished JAG, is doing JAG Mechanics, and will start Winston next year) Over the summer, she will work on cursive and typing too.
  8. I'm in this boat too. I've been on a long forum break, but now that the logic stage is looming large on the horizon, I'm back. I feel like I've got to get my head in the game. :blink:
  9. Ds will be in fifth-grade next year, and I think we are going to take a break from a formal grammar program until middle school and re-evaluate then. So far he has completed Junior Analytical Grammar, JAG Mechanics, Killgallon Elementary Grammar, Winston Basic, Winston Usage, and Winston Advanced. He can identify and diagram most types of verbals, phrases, and clauses, in addition to the basic parts of speech and parts of a sentence. He can punctuate correctly most of the time and can catch most (but definitely not all) of his usage errors when given the opportunity to revise and edit. We'll keep revisiting grammar concepts in the context of revising his writing assignments, which to me is the whole point of studying grammar in the first place.
  10. Try the Sound Literacy app to use with Barton, Wilson, AAS, whatever OG-derived program you are using. I believe I made a one-time $16 purchase (no in-app purchases), and I've been very pleased. You can create custom tile sets for individual students, create custom tiles, and build custom tile palettes. HTH!
  11. This is the best story I've heard all week. I'm so happy for you and your little girl. It is absolutely a BIG DEAL, and I'm so glad that you wanted to share this with everyone here. Sending a big high five to you and your daughter. :party::party::hurray::hurray:
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