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s/o Duck Bingo

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You will not believe this. I read the post about Duck Bingo this morning and then I took my son to visit his girlfriend in a neighboring city. The girlfriend was trying to get me to buy a $5 ticket to help her raise money for band camp. The ticket was for an event called Cowa-Dunga. Yes, you read that right and it does involve cow dung. You buy a ticket and then if the cow poops on your number you win $500. Who comes up with this for a high school fundraiser?:confused:

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The real question is whether you bought a $5 ticket in hopes a cow would poop on your number :lol: BTW, what do you GET if a duck/cow poos on your number? Is it a jackpot type thing or do they have a merchandise prize. I'm STUNNED that no one in our rural area has thought to have an animal poop as a contest. Stunned. :D

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Here is the great wilds of suburbia we call it "Cow Patty BINGO." There is a HUGE fundraiser for the neighboring school district... They mark off a field and send the cow out... if the cow plops on your square you get $1,000! SOmehow the school still manages to make a ton of money on this... I;d rather pay $5 for a chance at winning $1,000 than buy junk, candy, or stale soggy hoagies. :glare:


Not bad, considering the only set up is selling tickets and marking the field. Just rake in the cash and give out the prize.

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