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dd12 has tire treads up her arm

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Apparently as she and ds13 were leaving the yard to ride bikes to a friend's house dd fell of her bike directly in front of ds. He could not stop in time and rode over her upper arm. From the elbow to the shoulder on the backside of her upper arm she now has tire treads. Currently it is in a sling with an ice pack on it. The upper arm is bright red, and has some swelling. Does not appear to be broken, but about 1/2" above the elbow she has a lump, I assume it is the muscle swollen from the trauma.


Told her if it is still hurting this bad in 30 minutes we will head to the ER for xrays to double check it.


Never thought I would see the day that my kid would have actual tire tread marks across a body part. I thought that was only possible in the cartoons. As I was putting it up in the sling I was singing "c got run over by a bike, riding to her friend's house tonight..." I couldn't help but make a joke about it.


FTR it was raining earlier so his tire was wet and that's how it left the marks.

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Well we zipped up to the ER when after 1.5 hrs she said it still hurt a 9. They didn't xray it as they felt it wasn't broken (actually they tested that theory the same way I had and dd told them mom already checked it that way :lol: ) They feel the muscle and bone are badly bruised. And they scolded her for not wearing her helmet (she owns 3, but when she went out today she left them all behind)


Here is some pictures I took of it after we have washed off the dirt tire marks.

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My gracious! How is it looking/feeling this morning?


She is still asleep right now so not sure. I heard her up often last night and she woke me once for motrin so it was hurting her last night. Will have to see when she is up for the day how it is doing.

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