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Early Ed: Teaching Numbers and Counting

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Robby has started to show an interest in numbers. He will count backwards from three to launch his "hobot" by saying, "hee, hew, un." When I tell him to count he says, "hine, hen." He also shows me two fingers a lot saying "hew."


I've been counting a lot aloud for him when I give him his snacks or add water to the soup pot, etc. What are some other ways we can learn numbers?



Do you have a favorite abacus? I know there are a lot of different ones. We might be going to Chicago in a few weeks and I know Ikea has an abacus.



Also would be it weird to give him some c-rods to just play with. I know when he is bigger I'd like to try Miquon with him?

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My older son LOVED these books at that age. He would bring them to me to read a gazillion times a day, and he would pore over them himself and rub his fingers across the raised features.


He also liked his stacking cups because they had numbers on them and the higher the number, the larger the cup. He got a huge kick out of stacking them according to number.

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My son loved having The Numberlies read to him.


Does he sing? Do you? I turned the tune "one is for sunshine, second is for rain, third is for the roses that grow in the lane" to "1 is for sunshine, 2 is for rain, 4 is for...etc", holding up fingers, holding up a card with number, or writing it in the sand etc as I sang it.


Al Jolson can be "uncamped" for a child:



He loved raisins. I'd count them out and give him one more if he'd say the number (did this when I knew he knew).


I played lots of stuffed animal joining and leaving. He liked to pretend he was a mamma cat, and would stretch out to nurse. Our little beanie baby cats would come to and leave his tummy, and we'd stop and count how many he had. That got us to 8, as he'd counted the teats on a cat and found 8.


Gone are the days .....

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My dd loved c-rods at that age. Ds probably would too, but he's not allowed to have them because he'd chew them. :glare: Blocks are never weird toys.


If you let him watch telly, I would recommend 'They Might Be Giants.' We have dvds of the numbers and science songs. They also have alphabet songs which I expect would be just as good.



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Thanks for the ideas. I added a They Might Be Giants 123 cd/dvd to my amazon wish list. I also looked at the Numberlies. I'll be on the lookout for these. With shipping they are $5/book on amazon which would be $55 or more for the set so I'm not sold on it yet.

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