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I have found when my 6yr old reads words in a list, even words he knows, he misses them. But when he sees them in a story, he hits them every time. 5 is young so I would not worry about it. Just keep working on a few at a time.

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None of my boys have been very cooperative at that age. My youngest, DS4 (5 in May), has to read for 10 minutes, twice a day, and it's often hard work. I've never done lists of words, even for my two who are dyslexic. Once they've learned their letters and sounds then I start them on readers. We're British and the books a lot of the schools here use for beginner readers are the Oxford Reading Tree series; I know a lot of people who really don't like them, but my boys have loved them so we've tended to mostly use those.


I don't get at all upset when he's having an off day, from experience I believe that only escalates difficulties. He is only very young, there's plenty of time. We cuddle on the sofa with his book, and I try to distract him with comments about the characters or the story, and if he refuses to even try, then I just sound out the letters, and most times he can't resist saying what the word is. He's making very good progress now, and as a consequence I find that his less cooperative days are getting less.


My advice would be not to worry. Make reading a fun, relaxed activity, and as she get older the battles will decrease. DS7 still adores cuddling on the sofa for reading time, despite the fact that he's had a terribly frustrating time learning to read (we're certain he's dyslexic- both DH and DS12 are severely dyslexic, so we know the signs).


Best wishes



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