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My dog has hurt her back.

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:001_huh: Our family dog (Bella) has been acting funny since yesterday. We thought she was sick and figured out she has hurt her back. Has anyone dealt with this before? Do we go to the vet? We have a heat pad on her back right now although I think icing is better (?). How on earth do you ice a dog back?

She is a mutt, about 40 pounds. She is not overweight. My poor baby! She is going really slow. A couple of times she has tried to stretch and you can see it pinches and she stops. Any suggestions?

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Our dog, puppy at the time, hurt his back jumping off the couch to play with our other dog. We took him to our vet, who also did the Tramadol/steroid treatment. We gave him a little heating pad under his blanket and within 24 hours he was feeling better and within 48, back to normal.

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I would find a veterinary chiropractic practitioner.




Many holistic vets do this. You might begin by search for holistic vets in your area. Our vet does both chiro and acupuncture for this, as well as drugs for inflammation and pain.


I would not use the heat. It can make inflammation worse.

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Our standard poodle recently hurt her back and/or pelvis. She was acting so strangely - trembling, hiding under furniture. I took her into the vet, and he put her on some doggy ibubrofen (Rimadyl) and told me to call him and let him know if she had improved after 24 hours. She had. Otherwise, I think he would have put her on steroids. I would take your dog in to see the vet. I know it's crazy expensive, but if you can afford it, I would do it.


We think she self-injured when jumping up for her cookie bone! We had always made a big production out of giving both our dogs treats after we had our dinner. She would jump like crazy - straight up like a spring. The vet told us we needed to stop doing that. :o So, we did.

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No stair walking, no climbing on the furniture, no running or jumping AT ALL right now.

Leash walks only if you can get a harness for her that is better than a leash.

No real exercise of any kind at this time.

Some pain meds(deramaxx,tramadol, rimadyl and potentially steroids) really would assist and depending on where the point of pain is will determine more if it will likely be a long term potential for her or not.

But most importantly she needs REST!

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