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virtual reality online math games for youngers?


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I have posted about my younger and his math issues before. What I have found is that mixing up the approaches to math (games, online stuff, worksheets) while maintaining a core math spine (in our case, MM) really helps him learn and enjoy math.


He recently started using Mathblaster.com and he is enjoying it. I am not a big fan of computer games in general, but I think I need to soften my stance. I require him to obtain a certain number of "points" in the Math Arcade before he can "goof around" in the rest of the world. So far it's fine, but I have no doubt he'll get bored and I was hoping others could point me to some other VR math worlds. I know of dreambox, and we've tried it. It was good for a while, but it seems that we got "stuck" (as many other users have reported) on one type of question, and he couldn't advance. We only used it for the trial month, however.


Are there other VR math worlds out there suitable for elementary students?

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Jumpstart online has math games with rewards similar to Math Blaster, but it may be too easy. Try looking outside the "learning" box. Take a look at a game called Katsuko and also Nonograms. To learn how to do nonograms you can start with the World Mosaic style games. Once you've mastered how those games work, then at the Nonograms website you can try larger grids either online or printed.

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