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I HAVE to bothr you all one more time for positive thoughts........

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we are having a couple come tomorrow for the husband's second look at our house and the wife's first look.



The husband was here yesterday with their realtor and was here for 90 minutes.


The wife didn't see the house yesterday.


The husband's only issue is the oil heat which their agent and our agent are already 'on.' The husband is apparently very critical which is why the wife (an attorney) sends him out to look at what passes her on-line scrutiny (gotta love a couple who have it figured out).


So, we have passed his first inspection. Apparently he had no problem with anything except the oil heat -- that's certainly do-able.




whoo-hoo -- praying!

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Good luck! I thought y'all had an offer already around Christmas? Or did I dream that?


I'm sure we both did --:glare:


Someone came the day before Christmas Eve (we weren't even on the market yet - our agent had it on craigslist) but he was, by his own admission, a bottom-fisher - :glare: - who told his agent and mine that even HE couldn't offer us less than our asking price. He has gone away.


This is a couple who WANTS to be in our school pyramid (which is called fabulous, btw) - so, we are really encouraged.

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