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Question for a friend...Her dd just got suspended from hs and she needs help ASAP.

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I didn't ask the particulars but her dd (9th grade) has been indefinitely suspended from highschool so she needs to get her enrolled in some type of accredited online school.


She mentioned Alpha Omega to me but asked if I knew of any other options. I don't.


Could you all help me out with a list to provide her? Thanks!


Edited to say : Expelled...not suspended.

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American School is my one and ONLY suggestion for an expelled public school student if the mom wants accredited.


Do the general diploma option. Don't get fancy. Just get it done and get her into junior college or something else that interests her as soon as possible.

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We have K12 TN Virtual Academy but they aren't offering high school right now or next year.


Ugh. I did a quick search for Tennessee, and this came up -




It seems to be more of a distance learning school, like Seton, rather than a full online school. I looked at their accreditation, and it's from Accreditation International (Ai), but I have no idea what that is. If she needs regular accreditation, then this might not work.

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Alpha Omega is a publisher, not a school, and so it is not accredited. There are some accredited distance-learning schools which do Alpha Omega, though. The Sycamore Tree is one of them.


This is the link she shared with me. I told her to speak with them and to contact our local college, where her dd wants to attend, to make sure that their diploma\credits\testing scores would be acceptable.

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