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He read a book!

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:party: I am so excited for ds8. We were told by the SLP, OT and VT to stop all reading and writing instruction until we dealt with some of ds8's other vision issues. He has multiple LD dealing with his vision, processing, and language skills. He is 8.5 now and very very much wanted to read but these issues were holding him back. I complied with their wishes, BUT they never said anything specific about spelling so I start AAS1 with him. We are on step 5 now, going slowly but he started to get confidence in his abilities. THen last week we discovered the movie maker feature on Webkinz. He has spent hours each day writing scripts for his characters. This is the best thing I have seen for him. It will not allow mispelled words, crass words etc. If a word is correct/allowable it turns blue if not ir stays red until a child fixes it. He has come back and forth asking how to spell a word, small words I recite and he keeps repeating it outloud all the way back to the computer to enter it, bigger words I write down.


Last night I decided to do a review lesson out of OPGTR despite the SLP/OT/VT. It was a lesson we had already done so I didn't count it as teaching him ;) Anyway he breezed through it and the next 2 which were new material (mostly to prove me wrong because I was teasing him saying he couldn't do it). He then picked up a Deigo level 1 reader we got from the library and read most of it to me outloud. He is not fluent yet, and still sounds things out but it is not as stilted as even bob books were a month or 2 ago. He was so proud of himself he was strutting around all puffed up. Last night as a reward I let him take a flashlight and books to bed. Everytime I walked past his room I could hear him sounding out the words and reading outloud to himself.


I think it is time to plan his official "I can read" party even if he is not fluent yet, with his multiple LD that could be a long way off and I want to celebrate and encourage this sooner.


I am so excited for him. ANd much relieved. I have been worried about his abilties, and had been told by all the professionals we have been working with that we may never get him totally literate which I "knew" would not be the case but still that nagging in the back of my head was bothersome (I had been told in the past my oldest would never succeed, that he was unteachable etc and have proven that wrong so I knew I could do so with him too). I am also glad I can finally get my mother off my back. SHe doesn't "get" LD and was on my case constantly for not teaching him, blaming hsing etc rather than accepting that he has LD.


He is still going to have to continue with SLP/OT/VT to work with the issues still going on, but this was a relief. TOday he read his own math instructions on the worksheet. Normally I have to read all instructions etc to him so he knows what to do in each section of each subject.



Okay so the most important part of this post. If you were planning an "I can read" party to celebrate this accomplishment, Especially with a child that others were not sure would ever learn to read and who has struggled with it so much, what would you include? He has requested a cake so that is easy, they make a Lighting McQueen one at walmart for cheap that he has wanted for a long time. I plan on buying him a clip on light for his bed (he is on the top bunk) and a new book as a celebration present. But what else to include. THis is just for us not a huge party but I want to have him truly revel in it and celebrate with us for all of his hard work.

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WELLLLLL... if money is NO object, I'd buy him a kindle.


Because you can change the brightness, the font size, etc... Might keep him interested in them.



I know what you mean about the "specialists"-- When my son was 8, they told me my son would never read well, write with a pen/pencil, type, ride a bike, tie his shoes, etc...



I never told my son that "information". Guess what? he reads (above level), in 6th grade and types at a 10th grade level, rides bikes (self taught), ties his shoes (since kindergargen), and is able to write with a pen/pencil, but is working on that issue...


They told us to eliminate everything that involves holding things, or anything that involves fine motor skills. (um--- doesn't practice help that kind of thing???) Anyway, I never mentioned that to our son either. Figured if he wanted to, he could. Lastnight, he took apart our home computer. Completely. Put it back together and fixed 3 problems in the process. Saved us a bunch of money on a new computer!


And he just volunteered to be the programmer for his boy scout troop's website. THE. Programmer. (this one scares me, but he is determined to do the job!)


The point is-- the specialists cannot put limitations on a child. They make these comments to prepare the parents, and it drives me nuts.


You're doing a great job!


I KNOW you don't hear that much. I know familly doesn't always get it. I know my husband doesn't frequently get it. I'm constantly having to explain realistic expectations (like my son cannot spell hippopotamus! Stop asking him to do that!)

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(like my son cannot spell hippopotamus! Stop asking him to do that!)[/QUOTE]


I know plenty of adults who are well educated etc who can't spell hippopotamus correctly :D


The thing that irks me most about these "experts" that put these limits on the kids is that they have told me these things IN FRONT of the kids. SOrry they may have LD but they still understand english and should not have this said in front of them. He still can't tie laces and writing is not really happening right now, but this is a huge step and I have the very immature urge to say "na na na na na" to the "experts" who claimed he would not be able to learn this until after all the therapies were done. I am so glad I never listened to them and just followed ds's lead.

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