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HELP quick-has anyone heard of a soap or something to prevent MRSA before surgery?

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My dad is going in the hospital end of this wk for surgery and I remember reading about a soap or something to wash with for three days in a row before being hospitalized-helps to prevent MRSA? Anyone heard of this?


I googled and the only thing I see is Hibiclens; is this the right thing?

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Having nearly lost a family member to what was probably MRSA or something of that type some years back, we always keep some ready even for outpatient procedures. We get it at CVS or Walgreens, and some Super Walmarts have it.


It reduces the population of MRSA and other wonderful things on the skin. Obviously it won't help if MRSA goes in via some other route.

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Also-his surgery is on his head-and the Hibiclens says to use it from the neck down. Will it still be helpful to use it?


We've only used it from the neck down. Basically you really soap up in the shower, twice a day for three days before.


It's a pretty harsh soap. That's why I'm guess that they say "neck down."


If not that, really soaping with deoderant soup is second best.

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