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The Teachers Lodge 11-17-2011

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Good morning!


What's for breakfast/lunch today? Breakfast for me will be a Belgian waffle or two. Homemade. DS is munching on strawberry PopTarts. DD is still asleep. Lunch is TBD.


What's the plan for today? Other than schoolwork, I need to get my lesson plans together for my Spanish and Latin classes tomorrow. I'm supposed to go to ballet tonight but the kids' karate class overlaps with it. And, since dd is sick still with this virus, I'm not going to let her go, so guess I'll be watching karate tonight instead of going to ballet.


Do you all have plans for Thanksgiving? We usually do at this point but we don't this year. My sister has made other plans. I'd like to go visit my cousin who lives about 5 hours south of us but I can't seem to get a straight answer from him. Not that he's purposefully evasive, he's not.

I was reading a thread in the forum about eating Thanksgiving dinner at Cracker Barrel. That sounds good! We'll see what happens! :tongue_smilie:


Talk to me! :bigear:

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Hi Everyone!


Breakfast- 2 eggs, 1 low glycemic English Muffin, jam, water


Lunch - salad with protein of some kind


Plan - today is my hunker down and get it done day. I'm also in the middle of a fibro flare so it is an owie day. My plan is to put one foot in front of the other and to chomp away at that elephant as much as I can.


Thanksgiving plans - I need to call my SIL to see if she is hosting dh's family again this year. My brother, who is 6 hours away by car, wants us to come but I have to break the news to him that yet again, we just can't make it. Dh only gets one day off for Thanksgiving and there is no way we can get down there and back. And I really don't want to have Thanksgiving without my Sweetie.

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Good morning.


Breakfast for me was my granola, greek yogurt and berries. The girls had grits with eggs. Lunch will be leftovers - burgers with brown rice and spinach. I even know what dinner is, but you didn't ask ;)


Today we went to the dentist already. We have Judo tonight, then right after Judo we're going to an open house at a classical school just to take a look. It starts at 6th grade, and I've had my eye on it since it opened.


Thanksgiving is usually at my sister's house in San Antonio. It's a 16 hour drive - which sounds horrible, but I love long drives. But my mom can't ride that far or fly right now so we're going to have Thanksgiving here for a change. My cinnamon allergy keeps me out of Cracker Barrel and most places this time of year.

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What's for breakfast/lunch today? Breakfast for me was an english muffin. The kids had waffle sandwiches (two waffles with peanut butter and nutella in between). Lunch for the kids was leftover chicken and rice and apples. I'm currently having a bowl of tomato soup, with cheese and chili lime tortilla strips mixed in.



What's the plan for today? I'm just kind of muddling through the day. I have so much to do, but instead of being focused and planned, I'm kind of going in circles. Time to pull it together! DD14 has dance from 4-9pm tonight. I will have to :auto: there and back, but other than that, we have no big plans.


Do you all have plans for Thanksgiving? We do. My in-laws will be arriving Monday night and will be staying until the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We haven't seen them in 2 years. On Thanksgiving morning, we will be serving at our church, preparing and serving over 500 meals. Then we'll come home to cook our meal.




Talk to me! :bigear:

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Good afternoon!


What's for breakfast/lunch today? Breakfast was bacon and eggs. Lunch was sandwiches.


What's the plan for today? Just school work today.


Do you all have plans for Thanksgiving? Staying home just the 4 of us. Dh is on call all next week. We usually spend turkey day at home anyways...lots less stressful!

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KRG, sounds like a good, simple plan!


Jenn, glad you get to see family. Tell your dd to have fun at dance! I'm going to miss my class tonight as dd is still sick but ds can at least go to karate. But since dd won't be there, I can't really just go off and leave him and not get back until 20 minutes after his class ends!


Karen, wow, a cinnamon allergy! Sorry to hear that!


We may or may not get schooling done today. We'll see what happens. I guess I can at least read history to them. We got started late this morning and I had them GO outside. We went to the "mountains" here (more like foothills) just to get some fresh air. I have a chiro appt in an hour. Probably the last one before Thanksgiving.


Now to figure out lunch before I go!

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