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A house in our neighborhood burnt down last night...

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It is a strange feeling, isn't it? We have had two neighbor's houses burn down over the years. Thankfully, one was empty and between residents. But it still leaves an eery feeling.


I agree that cash is good to give, if you are able to. They will need to have some cash on hand, especially if they lost check books, identification and credit cards. It can be hard to get access to money for a few days. If they don't have family or friends in the area, a place to spend the night (either hotel or spare room at your house) is a good offer. Even an invite to come over to shower and take a nap would be welcome.


If they are there cleaning, cleaning supplies (buckets, trash cans, sponges, paper towels and sturdy rags) would be welcome. Maybe a cooler stocked with cold drinks and easy snack food? (Along with hand wipes!)

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Our house burned down when I was in High School. The insurance company jumped in right away and took care of almost all of the necessities (USAA - btw - wonderful!).


The neighbors were equally wonderful - even though the entire house was totaled... there were still places with only minor smoke/water damage. Some people got together and tried to salvage pictures and things that had been tucked away. The parents and girls on my soccer team somehow managed to replace my uniforms, many of my trophies, and a bunch of my t-shirts and such and also donated clothes, etc. for me. Some of the neighbors got together and cleaned clothes, linens, etc. that were not totally destroyed (some were restored and a couple ladies even made a quilt out of my old t-shirts which was very nice!). Other people found where we were staying, and brought food like condiments, etc. or casseroles.


The neighbors also helped to sort of police the place afterwards because I guess it is fun for random people to go picking through the wreckage...:glare: Plus, this was like the 5th house in the neighborhood to catch fire and people were starting to think there might be an arsonist going around, so they began to watch out for each other as well. It kind of brought our neighborhood together in a good way.:D



Anyway, I am sure there were many other things that people did for us. They were all so very supportive! - I just was all consumed in my teenage drama angst to notice a lot that went on.

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