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  1. An acknowledgment may be nice. However, sometimes I'm really bad about getting thank you notes out quickly because I really like to sit down and write a nice thank you card and with kids, etc. it doesn't always get done as soon as I expect. Perhaps you just need to wait a bit longer?? Also, are you sure this person knows it's from you? Maybe they don't know who to thank? If this person is in really tough straights, he/she may just be super busy and just mentally overwhelmed and for some reason not feeling able to get back to you right away but still very grateful. If it's bothering you, just call the person and say, "hey, just wanted to check and make sure you got the check?" Then you can talk and I'm sure you'll be properly thanked and the person may appreciate the fact that now you will know how grateful he/she is even though he/she wasn't able to get back to you before this time.
  2. I haven't read all of the posts, but are there many families on here whose children go to bed hungry on a regular basis? My impression is that if a kid knows they don't have other options they typically will decide to expand their palettes after only a couple of incidences - deciding the food isn't that bad after all. BTW, please don't interpret what I am saying as critical of other people's choices. Just defending us "eat it or don't" types against the charges of child abuse (!).
  3. We also keep these items around, but if I let him fill himself up with other things (which he would if given the option), he wouldn't be hungry for the healthy snacks/meals.
  4. That is an interesting idea. I may use it in the future. Our current dessert rule is that everything that I've put on his plate must be eaten first. Half the time he'll choke the veggies down, half the time he won't.
  5. SKL - I see totally eye to eye with you on this one :001_smile:
  6. This is pretty much like our house, too. It isn't like we are starving the boy. And we don't make a battle about it. It's just the rule. Otherwise I'd never get him to eat fruits/veggies/meat.
  7. Thank you to everyone for the answers so far. It sounds like different people are just different so perhaps I'll just have to wait and see. Maybe give it a couple of months and see if the acne clears up before worrying too much about it.
  8. My impression from reading about it on acne websites is that many people who have acne are allergic to dairy and the symptoms show as acne, not something more serious. There are different levels of "being allergic" it sounds like.
  9. Sorry if that was confusing. The reason I said it is because from what I've learned of going gluten free it sounds as though once your body gets used to being gluten free it can really be hard on your system if you are accidentally exposed. I was wondering if eating dairy free is similar.
  10. Do you have to avoid dairy the same way that gluten-free eaters have to avoid gluten (very very carefully), or is your body able to handle a little every now and then so long as you don't go nuts with it? I'm thinking of trying to eat dairy free for a month or two to see if I can clear up some acne but don't want to accidentally hurt myself.
  11. Has anyone used a "block" schedule Yeah, DS gets them from 9:00-10:00. Then during naps it's my turn (I hate when the kids knock my towers over). From 3:00-5:00, it's DS again. Then after DH gets home at 6:00, he takes an hour or two to get his "block" fix for the day. Then we eat supper and go to bed.
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